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Our Health Mission

Arya Wellness Clinic is a comprehensive Complimentary and Alternative Medicine pain and wellness clinic and a Maryland Medical Cannabis Certified (MMCC) Provider located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Led by our board-certified Pediatrician and Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Chintu Sharma, we offer a holistic approach to treating chronic pain and illness through education, researched treatments and certified recommendations for medical marijuana cards in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Our team provides access to the latest research and recommendations regarding alternative therapies including the possible benefits of medical cannabis (marijuana). In addition to certification for medical marijuana cards, we provide comprehensive medical management plans in a supportive and relaxing environment.


Experience and Professionalism

 Dr. Sharma is a friendly, knowledgeable award-winning physician who has often treated patients with crippling pain and debilitating health issues. In these settings he has probed and observed the power of the patient to understand their bodies and therefore embrace wholeness through education. Because of this, he sees himself as a coach who comes alongside patients to help them achieve maximum wellness and live vibrant lives. He values a strong physician patient partnership. He is committed to educate and inspire the public about the wide range of medical options including medical advances and various alternative therapies that promote total wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Dr. Sharma has completed intensive research on the effects of cannabis and possible benefits as a form of treatment for a number of conditions. In technical talk, he studied the patho physiology of the endocannabinoid pathway as a means to modulate neurologic responses in the body. Due to his research he has observed real medicinal properties of medical marijuana that cannot be ignored. Dr. Sharma notes that cannabis may also allow patients to wean off dangerous opiod medications in a safe manner while also providing much needed relief for the symptoms they were initially treated for. He believes in developing a deep community relationships in order to create ecosystems and networks that provide support for people with chronic issues and terminal illnesses. He also believes in and advocates for avenues of legislation that will provide additional access for the safe and responsible use of medical marijuana.


Certification Made Simple

1. Go to State Medical Cannabis Commission Website and register as a patient and to receive your state ID number.

2. Gather any supporting evidence for cannabis certification (prescription meds,

clinic notes, radiology / imaging etc.)

3. Schedule evaluation appointment at the health clinic. Be sure to bring your valid government ID card, relevant medical files, clinic notes or prescriptions

*note each state has unique issues we will help with

About Us

Our Physician


Dr. Chintu Sharma is recognized as a TOP Holistic & Wellness Doctor throughout the Maryland region and is featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, FOX News, Oprah Winfrey Network, CNBC, MSNBC and other networks

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KannaLadies Events 

KannaLadies host educational events focused on providing knowledge and resources especially related to Women's Health. They are affiliated with multiple offices and dispensaries .

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Caregivers ready to provide assistance at the dispensary and home level. They are experience coaches.  They can help you learn how to make edibles and dose safely. They can do more detailed fine tuning of your regimen. health education

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